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Baby’s Breakfast

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Baby’s Breakfast

So I know I used to post a lot about A’s food when she was little but then life happened and I got busier and never did I ever post miss M’s food. Today I am going to post the most popular food that we cook in our house – good old oatmeal. We all know how good oatmeal is for everyone. It is great for your heart and cholesterol and it is SO comforting in winter that there is nothing that beats it when it comes down to eating breakfast.

We cook a BIG batch of oatmeal in our house almost 7 days a week. It is Quaker’s Old Fashioned Oats from Costco. The way It is cooked in our household is super easy-  literally I cook it in 2% milk for about 10 mins and cover it so it gets soft. I add cinnamon sticks along with the oats so we get that yummy spice flavor and smell. That’s it! When it is cooked sometimes I add fruits, nuts, dried foods or sometime just eat it without any toppings. Oatmeal is SO versatile that you can make it as interesting or as bland as you want to.

The reason it is popular in our house is my toddler A has been eating it almost every single day since she started eating solids and now miss M who is almost 1 also eats it every single day. I have stopped pureeing food for M since she was 7 month old. She was toothless for the longest time and has sported 4 teeth just now, she still managed to gum up all kinds of food. This little girl is a piggy- she LOVES her food. She  eats oatmeal in the morning. Again, the very same oatmeal that gets cooked for all of us in our household. It gives me a comfort knowing that both kiddos are starting their day with a hearty breakfast which is amazing for them and they love it. It is our breakfast “default” in our household. Here is a picture of M’s breakfast bowl from this morning:


It may not look the prettiest but it is SO good. I also add raisins on them sometimes- I let it soak in the milk for a bit before feeding them to M since it could be a choking hazard for younger babies.

Anyways- just wanted to post a great breakfast idea for not just a baby but for the whole family. Hope some of you will give Oatmeal a shot, I know most people are not very fond of it . But the benefits outweighs the taste (at least for me it does) 🙂 .





Toddler Meals

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Toddler Meals

As promised, I am posting a few pictures of toddler meal ideas. These are a few that baby A usually enjoys. Some days she cannot get enough of these and some days she just turns her head away from these. With a toddler- every day is a new day (almost)!
In the first picture, I have jaulo (khichdi) and a side of blueberries. Jaulo/ khichdi is a meal that consists of a variety of veggies along with rice and lentil(s). This one is one of A’s favorites. This particular jaulo is made with black lentil, white rice grains, sweet potatoes, spinach, green peas and tomatoes all cooked in a pressure cooker with a hint of salt and some ghee (clarified butter). A bowl or half a bowl of this almost fully satisfies the daily requirement of veggies/grain and protein for a one year old or younger babies.  And of course, Asha LOVES her fruits so a side of blueberries never fails to please her.
Second picture is some steel cut oatmeal soaked in water for an hour and cooked in 2% milk. A is CRAZY about this. Like her mom (ahem ahem), she loves her oatmeal. She usually eats this for breakfast or sometimes for lunch when she doesn’t like anything else. She almost always eats her steamed apples,pears and nectarines for breakfast along with either the oatmeal or an egg. She also drinks a freshly squeezed cup of OJ. I like to give her homemade juice if any juice, otherwise she just drinks water.
Third meal is a meal for lazy days when I don’t cook anything for her. It is half a sandwich (turkey and american cheese on white bread) with a side of yo-baby pear yogurt. Out of these three this is her least favorite. She likes her mama to work for her meals and not be lazy 😉 . I barely ever give her a meal like this but this is just something quick when you don’t have a lot of option.
A usually eats very balanced and healthy home cooked meals. Her typical meal schedule is as follows:

9 – BREAKFAST- an egg with a side of steamed apple, pear and nectarine or peach, and half a slice of orange turned into the good ole OJ. I make sure she has at least two fruits every morning. I usually steam her fruits every 2-3 days in my Cuisinart Baby Food Processor. If she doesn’t eat egg on a particular day I mix her fruits with some baby oatmeal to make it heavy.

10:30- SNACK- half a banana

12:30-LUNCH- her jaulo/khichdi with a side of chicken

3:30- SNACK- few baby cookies, some blueberries and some soy milk (she doesn’t like whole milk)

6ish- SNACK- string cheese or some other fruit

7:45- DINNER- which is usually some steamed rice, side of spinach and potatoes and some chicken. Or if she is not in a mood to eat proper dinner I give her some yogurt and fresh ripe pear slices.

Also keep in mind she is still nursing multiple times a day (and night *sigh*) so she is getting her much needed nutrition there as well.

These are just a few meals A had between yesterday and today, I will make sure to put more soon. If you want a recipe of any of these please let me know and I will be more than happy to provide that. Enjoy!!



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