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My Wish for you!

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My Wish for you!

Motherhood you have wrecked me so beautifully well. What I’d give to turn back the hands of last few years and redo it all over again. Not because we did something wrong but we did everything so right.

Read something similar somewhere and it couldnt be more fit today as I write this.


Bringing a baby into the world is a big deal. We too jumped in the bandwagon and did it anyway. The first year was hard but we survived. Just when we though we got a hang of it, we did it again. We decided to bring a second baby into our lives. Very unsure of our decision we were still waiting patiently for our second baby girl. Then came little Mila into the world on Feb 15th 2015. What a day that was!

I cried my eyeballs out when I saw her first, probably cried more than when I did with my first born. I do not know why I did though. Maybe it was the mom guilt on me that I now have to share my love between these two girls or maybe it was just her sweet little face that dug deep into my chest the minute I held her. But I cried! We were nervous about introducing Mila to Asha (her big sister, her soon to be best friend). We just did not know what to expect. But from the minute Asha laid her eyes on Mila, Mila became hers. She became her pride and joy, her ultimate possession that she wanted to share with the world. The union couldn’t be any more perfect.

My little Mila is graced with so much beauty and sweetness that even a stranger will walk upon to say hi to her. Batting of her big bold eye lashes are sure to win and break a million hearts. This sweet girl of mine is the most content baby in the world. She is her big sister’s shadow! She is her confidant! She is her life long best friend! Little M is sweeter than honey but is so courageous. Bless her little heart, she is never scared to take risks. Some days we feel like we did not do justice to her by not doing things we did for her sister like hovering over her 24/7 and others. But you know what, that is what made her what she is today at a tender age of two. She is confident and she is very friendly and she is just mellow. Her personality is so charming that we cannot even get mad at her antics for more than a mere second. She is amazing in every single way!

So for my wish to you today baby girl, may you achieve every single goal you will ever have in your heart. May you get the most perfect sunrise and sunsets every single day of your life. May you always remain the best baby sister in the world. May you always have that special someone to look up to whether it is us or your big sister. May you never have to feel alone. My little Mila Lena, may you get the very best the world has to offer. Even when your daddy and I are not around, may you still lean in on your sister for support.

I am SO grateful to call this girl mine. It makes me a little sad every time I think how fast she is growing up. But I am looking forward to seeing her personality come out more and looking forward to loving her more.

I may not be the best mom in the world but you my darling you sure are the one of our best creations. You are our pride and joy and  we lucked out having you as our daughter. My wish for you today is that may you have the best birthdays year after year. I love you Mila!


Birthday, Work and Instagram!

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Birthday, Work and Instagram!

Hello my Dear Friends,

I am SO over the winter blues and very ready for the nice and warm sunny rays. Aren’t we all though? Luckily, this week I will be able to enjoy some 60 degrees weather (close to 70s actually) and I am not complaining.

So what is new with me? We recently celebrated baby M’s first birthday. I know we all say it but seriously where did the year go? Just with a blink of an eye miss M is ONE year old and big sis A is now THREE! My girls are getting big and I cannot believe I actually did survive the first year of the second baby while going through the terrible twos of Miss A. I guess that would be my super power lol. What is yours?12322768_1302166389809983_769838979543513551_o

My work has gotten super busy. I worked from home 100% for the past 3.5 years (yep, super lucky there) and now I have just started to go to work 3 days a week and that has been a BIG adjustment for me and my family. I know I am still lucky enough to be able to work from home two days a week and when needed but I almost forgot how much work it is to actually get up at 6 am, take shower, style my hair (styling means blow drying and flat ironing ), to put on makeup, to pick professional clothes, pack some snacks for the road and so on. Phew. Oh the snack packing brings me to my most interesting point, my commute! From zero commute to now one way 50 miles commute is not fun, at all! Yep 50 miles each way. That is a whole lot of gas and mileage on my car and if you know the Capital Beltway, it is not the fun-nest road to drive on 😉 . Anyways- I have been trying to make that commute as my “me” time. I snack on some dry fruits and Kind bars, listen to the Kane show and gather my thoughts. I make ALL my big plans while I drive these days lol. It’s funny you actually start to enjoy the long drive some days (some days).

The other new thing that I have is I have started to use Instagram a LOT lately lol. I mean at least one post a day , which is a BIG deal in my books. I am trying to stay active on social media by putting more pics on IG that way I am still keeping in touch with you all. What? You haven’t followed me on IG yet? You have got to! My IG name is pjmomblog , simple 🙂 . Please follow me as I capture my cuties behind the iphone lenses. I have been trying to use a lot of hash tags to for the sake of visibility in the world of IG as well. So if you are up for keeping up with my babies’ shenanigans follow me right now.

Rest all is well, I will post Miss M’s birthday pics soon. Until then see you on IG.





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Is the blog still active? Is she still around? What the heck happened to her? I’m sure some of you are wondering this about me and my blog. Well, for me I am still here and around. And my blog (surprisingly) still here as well! Maybe not as active these days but definitely still here 🙂 .

So let’s jump right in to see what’s new. Hmm honestly nothing major. Hubby and I are still trying to figure things out on how to balance life with two kids. Some days are good and some days are seriously brutal. We are trying to see past the struggle of balancing our lives to a sunny bright home with happy kids running around while the parents (ahem, us) can just sit and watch them play. Someone please, tell me that is possible, someone, anyone? We are having hard time getting time to ourselves obviously with two kids being super young (2.5 year old and a 7 month old )BUT we know one day they will grow up and things will get much easier , at least that’s what we are hoping for.

Raising two kids is not easy! I can tell you that. Especially, since they are so young. They both need and want our constant attention and we full-time working parents are beat by the end of the day to give much attention to them and add to that we are a co-sleeping family which means no break day and/or night. So lord help us get through the terrible twos all while taking care of an infant in the same house at the same time.

Okay enough of this rant. As hard as it has been it also has been super rewarding. Nothing makes a parent proud than to see their babies happy and healthy and smiling and sometimes seriously trying to kill each other 🙂 .

So what is new? Miss A is a happy as a clam when it comes down to going to school. She LOVES her friends and her teachers. Also looks like her appetite is coming back. She is now back to eating her normal amount of food, thank god! Miss M has recently started solids and doing wonderful with them. She is still nursing on demand but also enjoys her solids. She is severely teething though so looking out for those chompers pretty soon. I  am still making her homemade food in my handy-dandy Cuisinart Baby Food Maker, so yep I did not treat my second child as a second class citizen and fed her Gerber food jars (which obviously I did not feed my first baby either, nothing against Gerber but I am biased to Ella’s and Plum Organics). As tired and as busy I am I might as well feed her store-bought food at all times but I am still trying to make all if not most of her food at home except of course when we are traveling.

A now talks in full sentences and quite frankly talks a LOT! I love how my baby is growing into a beautiful “big” girl. M has started to babble and crawls everywhere. She is now trying to stand up on her own. Oh how Time DOES fly!

Okay enough for today’s update. Keep an eye out for some more fun posts or rather lengthy vent posts. Either way I ain’t going nowhere so bear with me. And while you are at it wish me luck.

Hugs to you all!



Oh hello there!

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Oh hello there!

It has been a WHILE that I have published a blog post. Please don’t be mad- I was busy taking care of my little sunshines. Little miss A is ALMOST two and a half year old and miss M is ALMOST 4 months old. Where did the time go? Oh I know! Time fleeeeeew while I was pulling my hair out, banging my head on the wall and inhaling/exhaling trying to calm my nerves down. It has been an exhausting roller coaster ride to say the least since M has born. We were almost getting into the groove of things of handling A and got on a sort of a schedule and then miss M came along and our lives have changed (again). We have been so busy just trying to survive and take care of our honey bunnies. I am not going to lie it has been So tough.

BUT you know what? I wouldn’t trade these past few months for anything. We have been busy and crazy but also have been SO much in love. We are blessed with two healthy, happy and beautiful baby girls, we couldn’t have asked for more. As exhausting and as tiring these days and weeks are- I know the months are equally shorter and the years are even shorter. So I am trying to enjoy my time amidst all the craziness.

Asha and Mila

My girls drive me crazy as they both demand 110% from hubs and I both. They are VERY demanding little girls. It is hard not to compare my girls since I had them so close to age (two years exact) but they are quite different little people. A is more hyper and M seems much more relaxed than her big sister. A was a very difficult baby (difficult in the sense she didn’t eat that a full meal until she passed that one year mark, she was a snacker nurser (is that a real term?). and  she didn’t sleep good until a loooong time). M seems to like to eat and sleep longer so that makes it relatively “easier” for us to tend to. But I know both these girls are super stubborn and determined. They want things their way. That could mean they will be awesome resilient and super determined adults when they grow up (atleast thats what I tell myself 🙂 ).

So these days I just take one day at a time and try to make it through the day.

Anyways- I have a LOT of pending posts that I have to post. I wanted to share some pics from A’s second birthday (which was in Jan lol- tardy much?) and some of their shared room pics. So stay tuned for those. Also I want to make separate posts about a few things that I learned along the way while dealing with newborns. So there is that as well.

For now please do not give up on me, I promise to post more and be more active 🙂 . Please share my blog with your friends and family and increase the readership. Thank you!



Survival Mode!

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Hello Everyone-

I am here and as you can see from the topic of this blog, I am in a survival mode basically 🙂 . As any new moms, I too am enjoying the “perks” feeding the baby, cleaning up the baby and rocking the baby to sleep and REPEAT and then REPEAT again! So I am doing the very same thing and catering to my newborn’s demand these days. Add to that- I have a 2 year old whose energy is non-stop and is always on-the-go. Little A is now a big sister to her baby sister or “baby sista” (as she calls her) M. Miss M came into the world on Feb 15th at 11am and since then our lives have changed quite a bit. Mostly little A’s life has changed a LOT! She no longer is the only child in our household. She is now promoted to big sister and she got her BFF. It is all amazing and overwhelming at the same time. I am currently on my maternity leave taking care of myself (more like trying to survive these first few weeks), taking care of M and sort of taking care of A (thank god for my mom who is taking care of A full time). Also thanks to the hubby who lends a helping hand when he is home day and night. So you get the idea how hectic life has become.

Taking a 15 minute shower is my daily escape, apart from checking FB and Instagram and the parenting blogs all day and night while nursing the bebe. I am really hibernating in this cold weather so its a good thing I have a winter baby? Hopefully when the weather gets better I can take the babes out on a stroll and miss A will be possibly going to preschool (even just PT).

Apart from the constant feeding and waking up, M is a good baby so far. She is nursing like a champ and mostly sleeps or poops if she is not eating. Mind you she does eat ALL THE TIME though! But things are working out so far.

I am actually glad we made it this far. Little M will be a month old on Sunday (time literally flew this past few weeks). I am excited to see what her little personality is going to be like. Is she going to be stubborn and very determined like her big sister or is she the laid back kid? Only time will tell. For now I am just so crazy in love with my girls. My little A ADORES her little sister and that is a huge blessing. If she had acted out then I don’t know how I could have made it this far but I am glad our girl made us proud. No jealousy what-so-ever (Yet)! Maybe she is too young to get jealous? Maybe she is going to throw a fit right after this post, who knows!

Anyway, via this post just wanted to quickly update you all on my progress and to let you all know I am still here 🙂 .Will post more later! Until then PRAY for me lol. Oh here is a picture of my cuties 🙂 .

A and M



The last few days..

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The last few days..


We are at a home stretch now. I have less than two weeks until my estimated due date although that really doesn’t mean much in my case. I may go overdue like I did with A or I may just get a surprise before then. I am hoping this little munchkin comes before or around her due date cause I am getting super impatient now. I know life will not be the same for us anymore , in fact it will be crazy for a while but I am ready to take on the new challenge and enjoy a newborn baby in my arms once again 🙂 .

Things that are in progress are: the girls room, few “essentials” for the baby need to be bought, need to do a few TLC items for myself (mani-pedi, hair highlights and so on- priorities right? ). When I think about the laundry list of items I feel like I am not ready for her arrival but then I am SO ready. Before the munchkin comes I am going to have the cleaners come and deep clean the house as well and also de-clutter and deep clean the family car as well. Funny how my “nesting” instinct kicks in in bouts every few days.

I think I also need to “brush up” on my taking care of newborn technique. Its only been two years since A was born but somehow I have managed to forget how many times they are up at night and how many feedings they need in a day. So may be reading up a few articles wont be a bad idea.

What else? Hmm. Oh yep we don’t have a name for the baby girl yet (SURPRISE!) . Yeah seriously we are going crazy trying to find the “perfect” name (is there such a thing as a perfect name?). Some nights I cant sleep because I don’t have a name for her. Some days I take it easy and think I will think of something on my way to the hospital. In A’s case we had all that mystery already solved by now. This time around not so much. So yep that’s a biggie- FIND A NAME FOR THE BUBS ASAP!

I will keep you all posted with the progress or lack-of-thereof 🙂 . Please bear with me and my insanely delayed blog posts. For today I want to wish you all a very happy Friday. TGIF!

Oh here is a picture of little miss sunshine to bring a smile to your face 🙂

Asha all smiles :)

Asha all smiles 🙂



Down to single digits countdown!

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Good Afternoon and Happy Holidays-

Second Bump!

Yes yes yes, we are finally down to the single digits weekly countdown! Only 9 (or perhaps less) more weeks to go until we get to see our little princess and miss A’s little sister. As always- things are pretty hectic around here. December is one of the craziest month for me, one for the obvious reasons CHRISTMAS and second it is the month when I usually need to do my planning for A’s birthday. This year December has been busier than ever. I still need to actually plan the second birthday party for A, need to buy and wrap Christmas gifts , need to do my prep work for baby number 2. Prep work meaning I NEED to get her room ready and I still have not started it yet, I need to sort and wash and fold all the newborn clothes, little A’s room has been a mess and I need to organize that, need to pack my hospital bag (ok that doesn’t take very long but still..) , also need to FINALIZE a name for the second bebe. We have no clue what we are going to call her yet.

A’s birthday celebration prep work needs to be done which involves thinking about food, drinks, decors, favors for the kids and what not. This year I am slacking big time. This is her last birthday as an only child so I want to make it special but with the pace I am working on it looks impossible! Lets pray I am able to deliver a fun day for her at least.

I am still working full time (of course) and it does get busy! So working and being very pregnant doesn’t make it easy on me. I get exhausted by the end of the day. Of course, running after a toddler and a Boxer dog does not help whatsoever. Thank god I have an amazing family that stick by me through thick and thins.

These are just a few things on my plate right now. Just thinking about these make me exhausted lol. I hope I survive these last few weeks. I know when the second one comes I would probably think back and say “December was easy peasy” lol.

I have a few new posts coming up soon so stay tuned 🙂 .

Happy Holidays everyone. Eat, drink and be merry!



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