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Hello Everyone-

I am here and as you can see from the topic of this blog, I am in a survival mode basically 🙂 . As any new moms, I too am enjoying the “perks” feeding the baby, cleaning up the baby and rocking the baby to sleep and REPEAT and then REPEAT again! So I am doing the very same thing and catering to my newborn’s demand these days. Add to that- I have a 2 year old whose energy is non-stop and is always on-the-go. Little A is now a big sister to her baby sister or “baby sista” (as she calls her) M. Miss M came into the world on Feb 15th at 11am and since then our lives have changed quite a bit. Mostly little A’s life has changed a LOT! She no longer is the only child in our household. She is now promoted to big sister and she got her BFF. It is all amazing and overwhelming at the same time. I am currently on my maternity leave taking care of myself (more like trying to survive these first few weeks), taking care of M and sort of taking care of A (thank god for my mom who is taking care of A full time). Also thanks to the hubby who lends a helping hand when he is home day and night. So you get the idea how hectic life has become.

Taking a 15 minute shower is my daily escape, apart from checking FB and Instagram and the parenting blogs all day and night while nursing the bebe. I am really hibernating in this cold weather so its a good thing I have a winter baby? Hopefully when the weather gets better I can take the babes out on a stroll and miss A will be possibly going to preschool (even just PT).

Apart from the constant feeding and waking up, M is a good baby so far. She is nursing like a champ and mostly sleeps or poops if she is not eating. Mind you she does eat ALL THE TIME though! But things are working out so far.

I am actually glad we made it this far. Little M will be a month old on Sunday (time literally flew this past few weeks). I am excited to see what her little personality is going to be like. Is she going to be stubborn and very determined like her big sister or is she the laid back kid? Only time will tell. For now I am just so crazy in love with my girls. My little A ADORES her little sister and that is a huge blessing. If she had acted out then I don’t know how I could have made it this far but I am glad our girl made us proud. No jealousy what-so-ever (Yet)! Maybe she is too young to get jealous? Maybe she is going to throw a fit right after this post, who knows!

Anyway, via this post just wanted to quickly update you all on my progress and to let you all know I am still here 🙂 .Will post more later! Until then PRAY for me lol. Oh here is a picture of my cuties 🙂 .

A and M




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I am a mom to two wonderful baby girls: a 4 year old a 2 year old baby girls and a sweet fur baby. I have an amazing husband, who is also a rock to our family. I have an awesome career and I work full time. my favorite "cuisine" is donuts and coffee :) .

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