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Falling for Fall !

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Happy Friday!

Life has become so chaotic with my toddler running around, my fur baby asking for my attention and taking care of my bun in the oven- hence the delayed post. I guess there never is a dull moment when you are a mother! That being said- How are we doing today? Hope everyone is doing wonderful in this gorgeous Fall day outside.

Fall has hit Virginia in full speed- it is BEAUTIFUL! Everywhere you go you can see the leaves changing, pumpkins stacked outside of the house in the stairs and the biggest sign of all- Starbucks is back with their signature drinks (been a few months already but nonetheless..). I just love Fall! The cool but beautiful breeze that gently touches your soul and the bright rays that you just want to soak up on whilst drinking Pumpkin Spice Latte…priceless!

I don’t really have a point of this blog post today but just felt like writing down a few words. So lets see if I have anything to share with you all wonderful people-  I am doing well, well over the halfway mark and things are getting  little more real as I see my growing belly and disappearing toes. In less than four months I will have another newborn in my arms to care for. I am really excited but I am not going to lie- I am nervous! Very nervous! Little A is VERY independent these days which is a good and a bad thing. Good- she can ask for stuff she wants and bad in the sense she says NO to everything. I guess it is a phase! I do feel like terrible twos has already hit us hard 🙂 . I am however trying to enjoy my last few months of alone time with A as much as possible. Before we know it she will have to share my time with her sister. Talking about sister- we still don’t have a name for the baby, I haven’t done her room yet and I have not even bought a single piece of clothing for her yet. So I need to get those done before I get so huge that I could barely walk. Hoping my nesting instinct will kick in soon. In the midst of it all, all these holidays! I love holidays and I want to celebrate them all but they do take a lot of time and effort. But it only comes once a year so I love to really cherish them and make them extra special for little A.

As you can see I am mostly rambling today and jumping from topic to topic I just wanted to drop a few lines to say I Love you all and have not forgotten about you. I will make a few posts about the new baby’s room and about other interesting (hopefully) stuff  soon. In the mean time if you want to reach out to me please feel free to drop a line!




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I am a mom to two wonderful baby girls: a 4 year old a 2 year old baby girls and a sweet fur baby. I have an amazing husband, who is also a rock to our family. I have an awesome career and I work full time. my favorite "cuisine" is donuts and coffee :) .

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