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My 19 Month old toddler’s daily food intake :D

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Dear Friends,

It has been a while since I posted how much my little A eats these days or what kind of food does she eat in a daily basis. She recently turned 19 month old and her appetite has surely increased. There are some days when she does not want to eat anything but there are some days when we cannot fill her tummy enough. All in all, she is a great eater for her age. She may not eat a whole lot at one setting and sometimes each meal may need some coaxing from me but she does eat a variety of nutritious and vitamin rich food. Her pediatrician could not have been more happier when I told him what she eats daily. I do feel proud that she eats ALL different kind of fruits and veggies, especially fruits. The only fruit that she does not like is mangoes (go figure!). Other than that you name it, she eats it all. She is also a great fan of vegetables that we eat at home. From red radish to green zucchinis she loves them all. She is also very fond of leafy green veggies like spinach and watercress.I think the key is to introduce them to all these variety of food from a very young age and give them all sort of textures. Little A even eats mushrooms and tomatoes which I know a lot of kids don’t eat.I know there are days when she would not even take a bite but I take it as a phase and wait until her next meal when she would eat like a horse 🙂 . Below are examples of her two days worth of food intake. Hopefully, these will give you an idea of what to feed a picky eater or how to incorporate variety into little ones’ diet. Her typical daily diet look pretty similar on a day to day basis- things that we may change are the fruits or veggies or when eating out she may eat something else but majority of the staples remain the same.


Day 1:

First drink of the day: Soy milk – roughly 6 ounces (first thing she wakes up, she asks for it)

Breakfast- 1 egg scrambled, steel cut oats cooked in milk with half a cup of blueberries

Snack 1: Soy milk- roughly 2-3 ounces right before nap

Lunch: steamed white rice, spinach and potatoes, red radishes cooked (one of A’s favorite veggie) .

Snack 2: Fruits (I try to give her at least 2-3 types of fruits every single day. She loves nectarines, peaches, lychees, cherries, oranges, pretty much all fruits). I also give her one whole orange juice freshly squeezed with her fruits.

Snack 3: Soy milk roughly 4 ounces

Dinner: since she eats all day long dinner us usually a hit or miss. She may eat a nice big one some nights but some nights it may be lighter one. So I usually resort to half a avocado and half a yogurt on those “lighter” dinner nights.

Last drink of the day: Soy milk- roughly 2-3 ounces right before bed

I usually give her chicken or fish at least once in her meal and if she does not eat those I still feel good cause she finishes one whole egg in the morning for her protein. All in all, she is a good eater so far. She is a very active toddler and never sits still so no matter how much or what she eats, she stays very lean. Doctor thinks she is PERFECT! And I do too 🙂 .

This post is mainly to give you all an idea of how to include variety of food in a toddler’s meals and how to give them mostly homemade and healthy food. Good luck!



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