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London Trip with a Toddler!

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Hello Friends-
How are we doing today? It has been a while, hasn’t it? I apologize for making you all wait this long for a blog post (although I know it is worth it 😉 ). Jokes aside- I wanted to quickly provide an update on a recent trip to London that we took. Little A, hubby and I took off on a jet plane to go to the UK and spent about 6 nights away from home in total. You all must be thinking- overseas with a toddler? That is a LOT. But let me tell you my little girl never stops to make me proud. She did AMAZING the whole time in the plane and on the trip. I was nervous to go on an 8 hour plane ride with a VERY active toddler but to my surprise, we couldn’t be prouder with the way she behaved the entire time.
We left on a Wednesday night from BWI airport to the dreaded JFK and from JFK we took off on about 8.5 hour flight to London Heathrow airport. We had requested aisle seats to move around easily with a toddler and we got aisle seat,s and guess what? The entire 4 seats! We didn’t buy a ticket for A and just took her as a lap child but we had so much room to spread out. Hubby and I took the end seats and she got the two middle seats all to herself! We actually made a nice and comfy little bed for her in those seats with the Delta blankets and pillows, when bedtime came she was out for a few hours. Hubby and I got to catch up on a movie or two  . It was a great flight going in to London as A slept through the entire flight almost as it was exactly her bedtime when we got in the flight.
While in London, we were worried about how the time difference was going to affect her. But it actually worked in our favor. She would sleep until 8- 9 am and we had to wake her up before heading out for the day, we would feed her some breakfast (got Hilton’s executive breakfast as a perk of being Hilton Honors Diamond member) and we would pack some fruits and water and go about the day. She usually would sleep again from the time we left the hotel for about 2 hours in which we would usually be hopped on the red tour bus and got off at a sightseeing site. She would then wake up and start to explore nonstop. We would then feed her some snacks and let her run around and do our sightseeing. We did a lot of hop on and off in the tour bus for two days and Asha did wonderful in her umbrella stroller. She would wake up eat, play and sleep. We would get to the hotel around 6-7 in the evening, freshen up and then again head out for dinner. We got the Oyster card for local travels in the bus so we could just go places without having to hire a cab. The location of our hotel was perfect to get a 24 hour bus service and it would come every 10 mins or so, we would go to the Notting Hill area grab a bite and either walk back home (30 mins walk) or get on the bus again. Little A mostly slept during our lunch and dinner time so we got to enjoy nice, hot meals. When she would wake up we would have her meal ready for her and we could devote 100% of our attention to her.
Our trip involved two days of sightseeing in the hop on/off bus, one day or tour package to Stonehenge and the City of Bath and a day of relaxation and shopping. Our trip couldn’t have been planned better and we could not have asked for a more enjoyable toddler companion.
Little A ate a ton of fresh fruits, ton of water and got some ice cream treats. All in all it was a success. Our flight back home was a little tricky due to it being during the day but nonetheless we were lucky enough to get aisle seats with two empty seats again. This time it was not as smooth as going in but it wasn’t too bad either. We had to change A’s diaper about 5 times as she had some major blowouts. Lesson learned: pack more wipes and diapers in your carry on than you would actually need. We had to borrow the last diaper from a family who also had a toddler on the plane (he was crying most of the time, poor thing!).
I will post another blog post with some of the places to go in London with a Toddler soon. But I just wanted to give you all a quick hello and an update on our whereabouts. Stay tuned!


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  1. 😀👍 Aww that’s great! We had a great time when we went to Europe in December when she was 15 months old but we were glad we got a seat for her because the plain was full and she hates to be held lol We are very lucky Prajani to have children that behave well because I’ve heard horrible stories from parents Sofia did made us proud too Can’t believe she went to 3 different countries at 15 months I love London!

    • Yeah Elvira seriously! Hopefully we are not jinxing ourselves for future travels 🙂 . Asha too has been a great traveler so far and has traveled quite a few places- if she keeps behaving we will keep taking her places lol.

  2. A is the dream child! I’m glad to hear how well she did… Gives me hope, haha. Thanks for sharing your experiences and I’m glad your family had such a great time. 🙂

    • Judy- so far she is. Hoping she will continue this. She has traveled quite a bit already in the first 18 months of her life and she has been amazing most of the times. Will share some pics soon 🙂 . Hugs!


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