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Tips for traveling with a toddler!

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TGIF! Thank goodness it is indeed Friday! What a crazy week it has been, was trying to finish up writing this blog post and was  making some other interesting content ready for my blog (surprise!).


Napping cozily in the flight to Vegas!

So as promised, here I am with some of my air travel tips when you have an active toddler as a company. I can attest to these because A has already flown three times in her whole 15 months of being. Her first air travel was to Cancun, Mexico where she did wonderful- pretty much slept through the air time. Second one was to Punta Cana, DR where she was a little more active and wanted to explore than the first time around (I don’t blame her since she had just learned to walk then). Third was our recent Vegas trip which was the longest flight yet , 5.5 hr. She did AMAZING then as well! So whats the secret? None actually, A just loves traveling. She is a natural when it comes down to going places and exploring. That being said I do have a few do’s and dont’s if you want to make air time more pleasant (or tolerable in some cases). Please read the following:

1. Try to schedule your flight during your toddler’s sleep/ nap times – This really helps because their body will be so used to napping at that time that they don’t need any other sleep aids, they will automatically fall sleep. And the airplane motion will actually help them stay asleep.

2. If they can fit in a lap and love cuddling do not get them their own seat- We have yet to get A her own seat yet because she loves to cuddle with us and isn’t a big fan of her car seat. We made A lap baby all three times we traveled and we had no problems except your hands may get so tired by holding them that you wont feel them but that’s exactly when taking turns with your partner really comes handy 🙂 .A sleeps much better while we hold her so that has been perfect for us.

3. Get some toys and empty bottles- Yes! Some new toys or just plain old empty bottles will do the trick. A usually just tries to open and close the lid of the bottles and keep her entertained for quite a bit.

4. Get some yummy snacks (new and their old favorites)- that way they have something new to eat or they can eat their old favorite if they don’t like the new ones.

5. Download their favorite shows/ games in your ipad/ iphone- We downloaded Pocoyo into our ipad and when none of the other “entertaining” measures worked Pocoyo was to the rescue.

6. Try to find other kids in the flight who may entertain yours- as strange as it sounds A had been really curious about these “other little people” she sees in the plane. So just seeing and “interacting” with these kids kept her occupied for a while.

7. Something to suck on during take off and landing- as we all know your ears may hurt or close while take off and landing of the planes so make sure you have something that the kid can suck on. They can either drink water, milk from their bottles/ sippy cups or just nurse them if they are still nursing. A nurses a ton in the plane to feel comfortable and I am absolutely okay with that because I would rather do that than deal with a cranky, loud kid 🙂 .

8. Pack lightly on board- I know , I know this is easier said than done but try not to take EVERYTHING on the plane with you as a carry on. I usually take all the above mentioned things (snacks, books, toys, ipad), two change of clothes, extra socks, a few diapers, wipes, diaper cream, hand sanitizer, a light blanket and a nursing cover up (usually a scarf) with me.That has been enough so far. You will have a baby to hold on to so why bother carrying all the unnecessary stuff?

9. Patient! – This is the key my friends. As overwhelming and as tough it may look like while traveling with kids you have to have the patient to tackle anything that comes your way. Do not stress yourself. Try to enjoy the ride and the baby will pick up on your energy and may not be as cranky.

Again, these are some of the tips that worked for me in the past and by no means anything scientific so use them at your own discretion. Hopefully, A will remain a happy traveler for a long time 🙂 .






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  1. Sofia didn’t do well on our lap from England to France and then from France to Spain and it’s because she’s use to sleeping in her own bed and having room. It wasn’t pretty lol The flight from Jax-London Spain-Jax she had her own seat and did perfect. It all depends on the toddler though. She’s very active too and very independent ,she doesn’t even like rocking her to sleep and so that’s why she couldn’t relax in our lap. Relax that’s the most important thing to do because they can feel if you are stressing. Great tips 🙂

    • Very true Elvira! Every kid is different. Asha is such a wiggly worm and never sits still hence she hates to sit in her car seat and even on the plane she hates sitting by herself, so only way she sits still is in our warm cuddle. Doesnt really sit still and relax but when she is sleepy she prefers to be cuddled with us. Thats why I am still cosleeping with her. Definitely try to stay calm is the key.


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