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Things To Do with a Toddler in Las Vegas (and actually have fun while doing so)!

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Dear Friends-

My apologies for not being as much of a  frequent blogger as I should be! As you all know being a full time working woman and a mom to a toddler it is hard to find a time to devote to writing blog posts. I am however trying my best and hope to be better about it.
As I promised a few days ago, I am doing a quick, short and (hopefully) sweet recap of some of the DO’s for Las Vegas with a baby/ toddler. We all know Vegas is known for its parties, casinos and for doing all sorts of crazy, fun things. Now, how does a toddler mix in with Vegas, you may ask- surprisingly, very well! I recently took my (now) 15 month old, very mobile little A to the sin city and yes I survived it and I survived it so good that I even made a blog post about it – ahem ahem 🙂 . Let’s see what are the DOs or the things to do, places to go in Vegas with a baby or a toddler or just as a family.

1. Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage
This is a must see place for children who will enjoy a face-to-face encounter with some of nature’s most exotic and majestic creatures. To explore, learn and play in an enchanting world of white lions, white tigers, panthers, leopards and the family of bottle nose dolphins, the Mirage is the place to be.
Price:All-Day Adventure Pass:
Adults | $15.00
Children 4 – 12 | $11.00
Children 3 and Under | Free

2. Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Garden
Brilliance abounds inside Bellagio’s breathtaking Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. The attention to detail is astounding. The passionate display of nature in all its awe-evoking glory – quite simply, sensational! They have weddings taking place everyday multiple times and general crowd just come inside to take a breath of fresh air and see the most amazing colors in the plants and flowers.
Price is free!

3. Bellagio’s Water Show
With the lovely music playing in the background the Bellagio Water fountain show is exquisite. It is free of cost and keeps pulling you in each time you pass the street. This show is truly a crowd please and a must see.

4. The Venetian’s Canal Shops
The beautiful Venetian Canal Shops have always been my favorite and this time around it was no different. Little A LOVED walking around the streets of Venice and looking at the magnificent blue painted sky. The gondola singers definitely added to the charm and A was so excited every time they would wave at her. If you want a nice long walk without having to worry about the weather and temperature outside this place is a must and very child friendly of course 🙂 .

5. Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops
Just like the Venetian (although not as scenic) this shopping paradise was also a hit with A. She enjoyed walking around the shops and enjoying all the variety of cuisines. This is a free indoor mall which offers plenty of things to do for tourists.

6. M&M Factory
Yep! Candies! Who doesn’t love the vibrant colors of beautifully displayed m&m’s on the HUGE glass dispensers? Little A was no exception. She enjoyed looking at the colorful candies and all the interesting candy filled souvenirs. We ended up buying her the cutest little M&M bodysuit to wear for the summer. Oh she will look so delicious 🙂

7. Fashion Show Mall
Yep a mall again! Little A made a trip to this mall almost everyday as it was on the way for us. She stopped by at the Starbucks outside the mall for a warm cup of Soy Milk every single day and to just sit back and enjoy the passing by tourists. This is a fun mall where you can take some awesome pictures outside or just enjoy shopping inside. Again a free venue for kids to have a ball.

8.The strip!
yep! The strip in general was an awesome place for little A to hang out. She loved watching all sorts of interesting people and buildings everyday. At day time it is fun as it is, at night time (we didn’t take her out too late) the lights were amazing. So, the strip without a real destination just to wander around is pretty fun in itself.

I hope the list above kind of gives you an idea in where you can take your children next time around you go to Las Vegas. Vegas does not have to be a party place only, it does have its fair share of “family friendly” places to visit. Although some don’ts are listed below, just in case:

1. Fremont Street at night – A big NO NO with children due to its interesting mix of people and their behaviors at night.
2. Casinos- Due to the suffocating smoky air.

Other than that I think everything else is a YES at parent’s discretion!

Let me know if you guys need any specific pointers or information on anything that I have written above. Enjoy some of the pictures from vegas 🙂 .



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  1. Love the pics..Asha’s tooo cute 😘


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