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Toddler Meals (Part 2)

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IMG_8840 IMG_8841 IMG_8843 IMG_8845 IMG_8873 IMG_8882Toddler Meals (Part 2)

Good Morning Friends-

In this post I wanted to share a few more meal ideas for our picky toddlers. I know, mealtimes are usually a battle so hopefully you can pick one or two of these combos to please the little munchkins. These are again meals that my little A had over the weekend or in the past week.
First combo is homemade chicken meatball with spinach and pasta in marinara sauce. A wasn’t a big fan of pasta or marinara sauce for that matter, but to my surprise she did finish everything from her plate at this meal (minus the sauce). It is a wholesome meal for our growing little ones as it consists of carbs, protein and fiber.
Second combo is homemade dumplings (Momos/ Nepali dumplings) with a side of spinach and potatoes.
Third combo is white steamed rice with a side of lentil soup and spinach.
Fourth combo is some pasta with a side of spinach and grilled chicken.
Fifth combo is grilled salmon and a side of potatoes and asparagus. We had this exact same dinner for us adults so it was easy to offer her the same. A devoured this meal! I love it when A eats fish as it is rich in Omega 3 and has all the essential oils for growing minds.
Sixth combo is grilled salmon with a side of spinach and white steamed rice.
You may notice I offer A a lot of spinach. It is because- 1) She LOVES it! 2) These are her greens which is packed with vitamins and minerals. So it is a no brainer win-win for me. I do like to give her a very balanced meal (a combination of carbs, protein and minerals) and I try to do that with almost every meal. Luckily, she does love that combo 🙂 .
Please feel free to ask me for any of these recipes or want to give me a comment/ feedback- feel free to do so. I love hearing from you all.
P.S- please excuse my photo quality they are from my good ole iphone and not from a professional camera. I usually just take a picture right before A digs into her food hence they are of that quality and always in her little plastic platters 🙂 .




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  1. Yummy! How do u make the spinach?

    • Hi Elvira- For gravy spinach I usually buy fresh bunch spinach (organic mostly) and saute it in olive oil, I also add potatoes and then put salt to taste and add some water. I cover it and let it cook until it turns into a thicker, almost gravy like texture. You can also add a little cumin in addition to salt but that is optional. This is Asha’s favorite. She almost finishes up one bunch of spinach in one meal 🙂 . Let me know if you have any other question.

      • Thanks! I just bought some to try! Sofia likes brocoli,green beans,tomatoes,carrots,peas, zucchini green-red peepers those r mostly the ones I feed her hopefully she’ll like spinach too 🙂

    • Yay! Looks like she loves her veggies too. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes. Hope she becomes a fan of spinach too 🙂 .

  2. I’m feeling inspired by your recipes and food offerings! Are your Momos handmade? What are inside? I’m intrigued… 🙂

    • Judy- so sorry I took forever to respond. Yes the momos are homemade. They are stuffed with ground chicken/turkey combo and marinated with some homemade spices. I can share the recipe with you if you would like 🙂 . They are DELISH!


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