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More Toddler Meals!

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More Toddler Meals!

Happy Tuesday Friends!

In this post, I wanted to share a few more toddler friendly healthy food options. These were just a few of the meals that little A ate during the weekend.
The first meal is actually her quick and easy, no fail meal/snack. I cooked some steel cut oats in milk with chopped bananas on top to sweeten it a bit. A LOVES this. She had this as her lunch along with an orange. Later during the day, she ate her blueberries, animal crackers and half a banana.
The second meal (on the right) is her dinner. It is white steamed rice with dal (yellow lentil) and a side of chicken and spinach and potatoes. This is also one of her favorites dinners. Some times I don’t make dal so I just make the chicken into a gravy and feed her that or I make the spinach gravy so she can enjoy that.
The third meal is again yellow lentil with rice, with her favorite sides ; strawberries, grapes, string cheese and crackers again. This is a quick lunch or a healthy snack.
The fourth meal is her typical breakfast. An organic brown egg fried in olive oil with a side of apple/pear steam and an orange. She eats this almost every morning except when I feel like Martha Stewart and cook up a storm (rarely ever happens) :).
The second and third meals are my go-to meals for the car rides and my take along snacks. She loves her berries and oranges so that helps me provide her with variety of snacks on the go. I usually cut up all these fruits into small pea sized chunks and put them in plastic containers and zip lock bags and throw them in her “snack caddy”. The way A is eating these days I feel blessed to have such a good eater. Hopefully I am not jinxing myself by saying this but she does have a pretty healthy appetite these days!

I have a few new contents coming soon which I am really excited to share with you all. I will have fun surprises for you all to enjoy. Stay tuned!



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  1. Yumm! Everything looks good!
    Sofia eats all her fruits but all of a sudden she won’t eat eggs :/
    She’ll eat veggies so that’s good but chicken or meat is a hit or miss Some days she’ll eat a lot but others she won’t and then on those days is usually pasta bcuz she never says no to that one lol
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Thanks for reading Elvira 🙂 . I know, our little ones have a mind of their own. So far Asha loves her chicken and fish but some days she wants nothing to do with them. All we can do is keep trying. I am glad Sofia loves her fruits though which is healthy and nutritious 🙂 .

  2. These look great!! It’s been a month that Arman is refusing any food with texture. Any recommendations? He seems to want only puréed baby food. He used to handle texture very well. I am not sure what happened. Also, how do you make the gravy chicken and gravy spinach? Arman loves yellow Dal and Brown Rice :-).

    • May be it is one of the phases. I am guessing he will accept other food again since he used to be good about it before. As for the gravy chicken I usually make chicken curry with less spices. I can tell you specifically how but it is just like our version just with less spices. For gravy spinach I usually buy fresh bunch spinach (organic mostly) and saute it in olive oil, I also add potatoes and then put salt to taste and add some water. I cover it and let it cook until it turns into a thicker, almost gravy like texture. You can also add a little cumin in addition to salt but that is optional. This is Asha’s favorite. She almost finishes up one bunch of spinach in one meal 🙂 . Let me know if you have any other question.


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